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The first few searches take slightly more time than subsequent ones as the extension is busy indexing tweets.

Other factors affecting search speeds include the number of tweets your target has, and how exclusive the search terms are. On average, each search should be completed within four to seven seconds. We recommend four to five search terms to ensure accuracy and optimise search times.

Do kindly wait for your current page to fully load before activating the extension. If it’s still not working, refresh the page or reload the extension from your Extensions page.

Definitely. Load into your Extensions tab, click on the hamburger menu icon > Keyboard Shortcuts, and scroll down to Did They Really Tweet That? Click on the existing shortcut and replace it with your preferred combination.

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Leave us a review if you found our extension useful!

Leave us a review if you found our extension useful!

Did They Really Tweet That? is currently in open beta. If you encounter any bugs or like to propose any features, do drop us a message at